Lyrics of Cover Songs

Luiza – Translated to English and edited by Ylecas

Original song by Tom Jobim

Street of
To draw a sword, love
Float in the immense and yellow sky we…
we take time to sit and
view the moon grand
We navigate the expansive blue
And slowly, sit in silence
comes a, troubadour, full of vast stars
Now listen to the, song that I sing,
to forget you, Luizaaa
I’m just a poor and simple, amateur
but full of passion
A lost apprentice, of your love
to wake that love…
I know that under this snow, lies a, shining, a heart of light…
Come here, Luiza
Give me your hand
Your wish has been my constant desire
Come, please release me
Give me your lips now
And as they are, soft and pink
Come give me lots of
kisses while a ray of sun,
beams through your hair
We gaze the brilliance of the dawn
As it explodes in seven colors
shining upon and revealing the love in sevens of thousands
I kept it all, to give to you, Luiza

Original Version by Tom Jobim